Our Story

About Y.C. Wax Co At Y.C. Wax Co, we believe in fragrance and color to empower and to create memorable moments. Combining our sense of smell with vibrant hues, we offer a selection of handcrafted home and body products designed to define your mood. As we share an olfactory experience and vibrant expressions, we celebrate the ability of fragrance and color to uplift and to make you feel your best. Each formulation goes beyond scent to create a narrative that inspires and transforms the soul — from our home to yours.

Our Fragrances & Colors While the power of color is inescapable, the sense of smell is the most powerful one. Together, they trigger our memory, energize, uplift, and so much more. By adding quality fragrances and inspired colors to our products, we hope to incite unforgettable memories. Whether you're searching for fragrant body care or home aromas, we have unique and quality products that are ideal for treating yourself or that special someone.

Our Team Every Y.C. Wax Co product is handmade with love making each item unique. We’re a family business home to dedicated handcrafters that are all crazy about scents and well, more scents! We care deeply about your satisfaction and we’re grateful for the unique journeys we get to take you on through our fragrances. From our family to yours, you can count on us to create products with care that empower and relax.

Our Story Hi, I'm Carina! My daughter, Yazzy and I launched Y.C. Wax Co in 2021, but my appreciation for fragrance and my obsession with scented wax melts started way before. It was 1994 and I was a student following a Public Communication course. Long before Google, iPhones and Netflix, I came across an article about "The Power of Smell” — in a real printed book - and so began my fragrance journey! Soon, I was hooked on scented wax melts and started experimenting with creating my own. It was just for fun, but little did I know Y.C. Wax Co would be born. Today, we’re a family affair where everyone in our family contributes to the beautiful process. Our leap into business was cemented when Yazzy chose business as her college major. Since inception, we have been committed to providing high-quality formulas full of color inviting joy. Starting from scented wax melts and moving into body products, it’s a pleasure to offer relaxing and empowering experiences through our products.

Our motto: "THE WHOLE POINT IS TO LIVE LIFE AND BE - TO USE ALL THE COLORS IN THE CRAYON BOX,” by RUPAUL. So, here we are, for every moment in your crayon box. We’re your handcrafters and we’re here to bring fragrance and color to every corner of your life — Thank you for visiting!

- 💕Yazzy & Carina