A little FYI About Our Wax Melts

Wickless, Flame-Free Alternative to Candles

Wax melts are the perfect choice for filling your space with your favorite fragrance. Just pop 2-3 cubes depending on how strong you want the scent to be. Some of our products (like the Shotties or Bars) require to be cut depending on the size of your warmer’s dish.

Always Natural, Cruelty-free, & Non-Toxic Ingredients

All our soy wax melts are made from domestically grown soy beans and the highest quality fragrance oils that are phthalate-free for a clean, long lasting fragrance.

To add a punch of color & a flair of fun, on some of our products we add eco-friendly, plant-based biodegradable glitter and premium cosmetic grade, ethically sourced mica. These add a beautiful shimmer to your wax while melted. 

Handcrafted by Us 💕

Every single item in our shop is handmade by Yaz & Cari in our home in Southern California.  Although we do our best to produce a perfect product, imperfections happen (such as a slight off-centered label, wax frosting, etc.)  But rest assured, my Friend, none of these compromise the quality of your melt. It does guarantee that each item is definitely one of a kind & unique! We put a lot of thought on every batch we produce, from the color combinations, to the scents, and glitter selection.